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So awesome

I luv it so much


It has a lot of potential, but the game does, at heart, not have a lot to offer: The controls are very slippery, often leading to deaths, All globs are exactly the same, leading to boredom, The goal is always the same, making it very repititive, The new weapon completely overshadows the original in terms of effectiveness, Aside from movement being slippery, it is also very difficult to make precise jumps, or shaking a Glob off of your head, leading to fustration. Like I said, the engine has much potential, but it has much work to be done to be great.

Cool shooting games with great controls.

This is a fun shooting game. I wasn't expecting the controls to work so well. You move with one "wheel" and shoot with the other, as if you were using an XBOX/PS3 controller's analog sticks. This means you can move or shoot in any direction. Move up to jump. There are two game modes, a kind of career mode and a free play mode, and three control options. You can even change the size of the controls and swap their screen position. The music is fun and it has polished graphics. Recommended for a fun shooting romp. -- "GatorDeb" on Touch Arcade forums.

A fun shooting game!

Globs may look different from most games because it is. Globs is a fun interactive shooter that is a simple yet complex game. Its mission is for you to shoot the Globs which attack you if you dont move they can attack you from different directions such as top, bottom and the side. From the last update the D-Pad controls improved dramitcally, I cant wait to see how much it can improve(though its good enough already) Since it improved so much from the controls Im sure that if you want anything else in the game it can be added. A+++++ for the devs hard work!

Fun shooter with character!

For $0.99, I was expecting a run of the mill zombie shooter. However, I turned it on and was met with a creative and intriguing platformer. It's such a joy to shoot those cute little globs of green goo and watch the little guys try to ingest the man's head. As I progressed through the game, I was met by a helpful, interactive tutorial, a deep and lengthy adventure mode, and an exciting "Action" (survival) mode. There are three control modes: joystick (iDracula controls), accelerometer (Rolando), and button (joysticks/x and y buttons). I found the first two to be virtually useless but was satisfied with the button controls. Overall, this game was well worth the $0.99 and would recommend it to anybody who enjoys platformers (Rolando) and zombie shooters (Zombieville/iDracula). That said, I had to take off a star because the resolution and overall polish on the menus could have been better and although I enjoyed the button controls, I would have wanted to try a control scheme with one joystick on the left for both shooting and walking, and two buttons on the right for jumping/ducking. Globs may not be a "must buy" for everyone, but fans of the genre will enjoy this worthy addition to their collections.


This app is great however I have one gripe, the controls with jumping. I find it extremely difficult to jump on rocks as I either jump too far or to short. Please fix this in the next update. Otherwise great job. -redsoxsrule424

Very nice platform shooter!

Globs was a game that I first heard of from Big Albie at TouchArcade. After his praise of the game, I got the game, and I see why he said the great things that he did. iDracula was never my favorite shooter, it was just too difficult, and to me lacked that fun factor. I searched for a shooter that was fun an enjoyable long term, and I'm happy to report this is it. The graphics and easy to learn/use controls are what sold it for me. If you like platform and shooting games, this is the game for you. Great developer that has been very active on the TA forums, fixing and adding things consistently.I would love to see different globs besides the slime. Maybe smoke or fire or something? Also I love the adventure challenges, can we get more? Also maybe some more music? Thanks! TA Contest: jchampl

Great improvements to an awesome game

I reviewed this game before the recent update.... the improvements really make a world of difference! The joy-pad control style was always my favorite. I'm on level 5 right now. Looking forward to the weapon improvements! - brendons

Good game

This is a quite fun game that I would recommend picking up.

Good Graphics, bad controls

The biggest problem I got with Globs are the controls. There are several examples in the AppStore which show how a game can benefit of good analogue controls. But that aside the game is a blast. The different levels designs fit to the cartoony theme and add atmosphere. If I could I would've given 3.4 stars. As it stands I can't, therefore only 3 stars. But with better controls I'm more than happy to give this the four stars it deserves.

Great Game!

I was lucky to receive this app from a promo code. Sorry for the late review. I loved Globs! I think it is a great game and has a lot of potential to become even better. a few suggestions i have are maybe to make a viewable map for the level, as i got lost pretty easily. Another suggestion is maybe to make the jump button separated (maybe above the fire button) from the d-pad. I seemed to be jumping by accident a lot and maybe this would be an easier alternative. Overall i think this is a great game! 5/5 Stars!

Wooohoo for promo codes

Great game

fun game

impressive and fun

Fun Game !

This is a unique shooter with multiple control options and good game play. The developer is very responsive and per his release notes you can see he has more updates planned.

A blast from the past

My rating of this game is based on the fact that I have fond memories of the platformers were one moves in two dimension (e.g. Earth Worm Jim). I find the controls intuitive, but they may take a little bit of getting used to if all you've ever used to play games are analog sticks. On the version of the game I have, the controls are responsive enough to make the game a lot of fun. This is now definitely my favorite platformer on the platform.

Glob blastin

Great app! Love blastin on them globs!

Needs better controls!!!

Great but it needs better controls!!!!!!

Ok, I've seen much better!

The game has a nice look but I would enjoy better graphics, the "globs" are all the same which gets very boring. The controls are annoying but its nice that they offer various control options (buttons, tilt control, and joy which is more of a pad). I didn't get to far (I got to bored), but you tend to get tired of the weapon your given. If you have the money go ahead and give the game a shot but otherwise, save your time and money. Its a desent time waster but there's better ones in the Free Apps Sections! Suggestions: *Improve Controls (Something similiar to that of iDracula's control's). *Change up the "Globs" make them look diferent and maybe even have them shoot at you. *If the graphics could be improved that would be great! *Be able to choose your weapon at start, upgrades? -A descent start for the perfect time waster, prove me wrong and improve this app!

More adventure levels

The game is cool but I think it should have come with more adventure levels. There's one coming in the update so that's good... The new gun is better than the old one IMO. The tilt contol seems too sensitive, but the d-pad like one is cool. Overall if you have a dollar than this game is worth it, just not more.

Worth the price tag

Its a fun game, with nice visuals. Would like to see more variety in enemies and weapons/equipment, thats the only thing holding it back from a 5 star rating.

Visually nice to look at and fun to play

Great graphics. Awesome platforming elements. The game is like a really good side-scrolling ps1 game. The options are good. 3 different control setups to choose from. For me the button one works the best. For .99 its definitely worth it.

Must buy!

Excellent game, a must buy!


Globs is a action packed game where a nerd dude goes and shoots green goobers. I like playing but sometimes its hard to control the Nerdman. It seems that my phones slowes down somtimes when I jump and shoot. Very impressed with the graphics and the sound in the game. I was very skeptical when I bought the game before trying out the Lite version but was satisfied with the price of the game. What really impressed me is that the developer has acknowledge issues with the game and is developing new maps that will be available in the next upgrade. Last updated was awesome please keep them coming. The new adventure level game was sweet kept me busy. Id have to say I really like the controls options it made a big difference in controling the nerd. Thanks Chad cant wait for the next update!

Good game, fun, with some nice looking graphics.

At first when I started playing the game, I found the controls a little awkward. They were a somewhat hard to control, and I kept falling off the platforms. But after progressing through the levels, I eventually got used to them, and when I did, the gameplay got more and more fun with each level. The graphics, and animation are good. And the overall gameplay is fun. The only things I would like to see in future updates, are more weapons, I think the re-play value would be greatly increased if there were more weapons you could upgrade to as the levels get harder. And more types of Globs would also increase the gameplay. Right now it's limited to the small ones, and the big ones on the last action level. I would love to see some other types that are more deadly, or have other abilities, like be able to shoot at you. That along with new weapons would greatly increase the gameplay, in my opinion. Overall, I really enjoy playing this game. It's fun to just pick up my iPod and kill some Globs while I'm bored, or just sitting around. I would recommend this game to people who like playform games, or alien shooters. Or people who just want a game they can pick up when they are bored and play a quick game. On a scale of 1 to 5, here what I would give each of the games aspects. Gameplay: 4 Re-Play Value: 3 1/2 Graphics: 4 Animation 4 So, overall, I would say 4 out of 5 stars. I really enjoy this game... But with more weapons, and some other new features, it would definitely be a 5 star game in my book.

Great game, could add more

Awesome game. Loads of fun. Definatly worth .99 . I cant wait for the updates. A few things should be added like more weapons that you buy. Also, maybe you could add upgrades like more firepower, speed, and higher jumping that u would also buy. The platforms are a little weird too. I can't really see what I can jump on and what I can't jump on. U should make the globs start getting stronger and faster that u would have to buy weapons and upgrades to keep up. Make it a survival shooter Like zombieville and Idracula.


This game is so addicting. A great game to just sit back and play while waiting for the bus. I highly recommend it!

Takes me back ...

I really love this game and applaud Chad for his talent in creating something fun, both in platform, user-interaction and visuals. As other reviewers have mentioned, the game is very Mario-like and can sometimes be a little intense with Globs springing-out at you. Reminds me of playing Super Mario Bros 2 or Mega Man for the first time. The game does take awhile to learn the controls, but the tutorial is pretty thorough. Thanks!

This game stinks

This is by far the worst game that i have bought on the app store. The game suks. All that you do is kill blobs of green puke. Man...Im glad i got the game for free. Anybody who buys this game should be warned that this is a complete waste of .99 cents. Enjoy a hamburger from Burger King for the same price. Actually go and by fries at Mcds you will enjoy a lot more. Chad Town games stink worse than Arbys roastbeef sandwiches after they have sat in your car for a week. No more said.


Like the graphics and game play! I would like to see tilt support for moving.

Awsome platformer

Perfect platformer for iPhone. Great grab and go gameplay this side of mario bros. Can't wait till next update! Gogogogogogogogo update!!!!!

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